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We support daily life as an intermediate material for everyday products, including raw materials for tires, disinfectants for swimming pool water, and materials for electronic components such as smartphones and personal computers.

Main Products

  • Insoluble Sulfur

    Tire rubber vulcanizing agent with the world's No.2 market share Insoluble Sulfur "MUCRON"

    It is indispensable for the production of radial tires, which are now the mainstream of tires. It contributes to improved tire performance in automobiles and aircraft. As a raw material for tires, which are responsible for human lives, we deliver it to the world under high quality control.

  • Chlorinated Isocyanurates
    Chlorinated Isocyanurates

    Supporting various water environments around the world, from swimming pools to industrial water Chlorinated Isocyanurates

    It was first mass-produced in Japan by SHIKOKU KASEI GROUP in 1964. Making the most of these superior characteristics, we refine a variety of applied technologies and create original products. Our product lineup includes disinfectant and sterilizer for swimming pools "NEO-CHLOR," as well as products for bathing facilities and the sanitary market. We contribute to a wide range of water sanitation environments.

  • OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative)

    The world's top share product supporting convenient and comfortable lifestyles OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative) for PWBs

    It forms an organic coating on the copper circuits of printed wiring boards used in familiar IT devices such as smartphones as well as in electrical components for automobiles, where automatic driving technology is advancing, to ensure good solderability and contribute to the manufacture of highly reliable electronic components. We develop products with advanced environmental performance and high reliability response to market needs.