• Basic Policy for Responsible Care

    1. ①Philosophy
      We are committed to protecting the global environment, as a broad-minded corporate citizen that contributes to a society in which harmony with nature is a priority.

    2. ②Basic Policy

      1. Our actions are based on the idea that it is the duty of each company to take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources and energy, and minimize the discharge of environmental pollutants and generation of industrial waste. These measures both protect the environment and ensure safety.
      2. We make products that are friendly for both people and nature.
      3. Strive to preserve the environment and ensure the safety and health of our employees and citizens, while also considering biodiversity and working in harmony with local communities.
      4. Strive for safety and environmental considerations throughout the entire life cycle of our products to mitigate risks and achieve continuous improvement.
      5. Actively provide product safety, environmental and quality information.
      6. We follow domestic and overseas laws and regulations and take active environmental protection measures.
  • What is Responsible Care (RC)?

    Responsible Care (RC)

    Responsible Care(RC) refers to voluntary activities conducted by the business operators manufacturing or handling chemical substances, for the purpose of protecting the environment, safety and health throughout the entire life cycle from development, manufacturing, distribution, use, final consumption, disposal to recycle of products.

    * Our company promotes its activities as a member of the Responsible Care Committee.

  • Priority Goals of Environmental Protection in FY2023

    SHIKOKU KASEI Group, which is mainly engaged in manufacturing, is committed to the maintenance and control of facilities, as well as disaster prevention to ensure stable and safe operations. We also aim to ensure environmental health and the health and safety of local residents and employees. We will achieve this through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions generated at each site, reduction of the use of resources such as energy and water, and continuous reduction of the burden of chemical substances and industrial wastes on the environment.

    Chief Responsible Care Officer
    President Mitsunori Watanabe

    Priority Goals Scope Target Policy
    1 Reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (CO2 equivalent) SHIKOKU KASEI Group (Scope 1, 2) FY2029 : ▲38% from FY2013
    FY2025 : ▲30% from FY2013
    (Total emission)
    *Priority goals are set based on the national policy seeking carbon neutrality, and periodic reviews are implemented to continuously improve these.

    [ Plant facilities ]
    • ・Promote improvement activities to increase production efficiency, reduce waste, and improve equipment performance
    • ・Optimization of operating conditions for facilities that use heating, air conditioning equipment, freezers, and refrigerators
    • ・Consideration of renewable energy use
    [ Office ]
    • ・Implementing Cool Biz and Warm Biz
    • ・Strictly obeying the rule to set the temperature at energy-saving ranges
    • ・Updating to highly efficient equipment (LED luminaire)
    [ Transportation ]
    • ・Improving the efficiency in transportation of products (efficient use of transportation routes, rational transportation of freight, consolidated shipping, etc.)
    • ・Cooperation in the promotion of eco-drive
    2 Reduction in energy
    consumption (Crude oil equivalent)
    SHIKOKU KASEI Group (Scope 1, 2) Reduction by 1% compared to the previous year (Unit consumption of energy)
    SHIKOKU KASEI (Scope 1, 2) Reduction by 1% of the 5-year average (Unit consumption of energy)
    SHIKOKU KASEI (Transportation) Reduction by 1% compared to the previous year (Unit consumption of energy)
    3 Reduction in water consumption The three chemical plants FY2025: ▲3% from FY2020 (Production volume unit)
    4 Expanding the ratio of renewable energy sources in electricity consumption SHIKOKU KASEI Group FY2025: 10% or more
    • ・Developing goals and installing in-house renewable energy equipment
    • ・Procure electricity from renewable energy sources to cover shortfalls
    5 Scope 3 initiatives SHIKOKU KASEI Group Scope 3 calculation
    • Use of consultants
    • Data collection by the responsible department
    6 Reduction in industrial waste to be processed externally Plant facilities Equal to the previous year or lower
    • Working on 3R activities, for example, with reviews of raw materials and packaging
    • Promotion of the use of groupware and digitalization of documents
    7 Participation and cooperation in safety and environmental conservation activities SHIKOKU KASEI Group ・Safe and stable operations
    ・Participation in local environmental conservation activities
    ・Promotion of environmental conservation activities in cooperation with business partners
    • ・Facility maintenance, facility security, and disaster prevention
    • ・Participation in local activities near our operation sites
    • ・Operation of the procurement system
    • •SHIKOKU KASEI Group : All of the SHIKOKU KASEI Group companies
    • •The three chemical plants : Marugame Plant, Tokushima Plant, Oita Plant
    • •Plant facilities : Marugame Plant, Tokushima Plant, Tadotsu Plant, Naruto Plant, Ranzan Plant, Oita Plant, Takase Plant
  • Progress on Activities related to ISO 14001

    Our Marugame Plant and Tokushima Plant (Kitajima location) acquired the certification of ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental conservation in 2002. We have been developing our environmental conservation activities with the participation of all employees. We conduct risk assessment, education, and self-audit in accordance with the activity plan established by ISO 14001.