• Procurement Policy

    Regarding procurement, we have established a procurement policy to ensure fair and transparent trading with our business partners, and we aim to fulfill our social responsibility in cooperation with them.
    Our group’s procurement policy also covers conflict minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold)* produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding conflict areas.

    • 1.Compliance with Laws and Social Norms

      We will comply with all domestic and foreign laws, social norms, and international rules.

    • 2.Fair, Just, and Transparent Trading

      We will conduct our trading in a fair, just, and transparent manner.

    • 3.Consideration for Human Rights, Environment, and Other Social Responsibilities

      To realize a sustainable society, we will strive to procure goods with due consideration of human rights and the preservation of global environment.

    • 4.Optimal Procurement

      We will conduct optimal procurement for the company by comprehensively assessing quality, price, delivery time, service responsiveness, occupational health and safety, and the environment.

    • 5.Building Partnerships

      All officers and employees of the SHIKOKU KASEI Group shall comply with and live the Charter of Corporate Behavior and Code of Business Conduct and strive to build a relationship of mutual cooperation and trust with our business partners.

      *Conflict minerals : Some minerals produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries are used to finance inhumane armed groups. Efforts to eliminate the use of such conflict minerals, including the Financial Regulatory Reform Act passed in the United States in 2010, are expanding worldwide.

      The group takes the issue of conflict minerals seriously and will practice responsible mineral sourcing to ensure that it is not complicit in conflict and inhumane activities.

  • Matters to be addressed with Business Partners

    SHIKOKU KASEI Group recognizes that, in order to earn the trust of society in the course of its business activities, it is necessary to address social responsibility not only within the group, but also throughout the entire supply chain, including the business partners.
    We are committed to working with our business partners on the following topics to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and achieve mutual prosperity and survival.

    (1) Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Social Norms, and Ethics
    (2) Respect for Human Rights and Trade
    (3) Focus on Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental Protection, and Quality.

    * We may check the status of actions on the above topics in our survey and audits, and we would appreciate the cooperation in this regard.

  • Conducting Questionnaires to Suppliers

    We conduct questionnaires to new and existing suppliers and prioritize transactions with suppliers that meet our standards while also conducting awareness-raising and improvement activities with them.

    ▶ Main survey items in the questionnaire
    Sustainability, health and safety, environment, and quality

  • On-site Audits of Suppliers

    The group visits domestic and overseas suppliers to audit their efforts in sustainability, health and safety, environment, and quality, promoting sustainable procurement.