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Housing Materials

Housing Materials

People want to manage their lives by taking a variety of elements into account,including comfort,health,and the environment. They want a space to relax in that is eco-and people-friendly, and is fresh and bright every day. From interior finishing and paving materials to residential and landscape exteriors, our unique housing products are born out of functionality and sophisticated design.

Main Product Areas

  • JULUX (wet interior material)

    Industry's first wet interior finishing material utilizing the power of chemistry JULUX

    In 1970, we created JULUX with developing with our own chemical glue, CMC, and JULUX was Japan's first industrialized product in the field of painted wall materials. It is an eco-friendly interior decoration material that maintains healthy indoor air quality and has a low environmental impact, thanks to the blessings of natural materials and the handwork of plasterers. JULUX is available in a wide variety of colors and tastes, and is suitable not only for Japanese-style rooms but also for a wide range of interiors.

  • Accordion gates (expansion type gates)

    Industry's first product to receive the G Mark (today's Good Design Award) "Accordion gates" with strech structure

    We are the first company in Japan to develop an accordion gate with strech structure that does not require much space and is easy to open and close. And with this product we entered the exterior business. In 1984, the product was the first in the industry to receive the "G Mark" in recognition of its "functional beauty". At present, we are developing a wide range of products, from residential to landscape applications. (Award-winning product are different from the photo.)

  • マイポートNEXT

    Good Design Award-winning product, with the structure that has never existed before in the industry Carport "Myport" Series

    The industry's first rear-supporting carport, the "Myport" Series, has been highly acclaimed in the market for its "functional beauty" that combines design and functionality with a simple modern form that harmonizes with open exterior structures and a pillar position that makes it easy to get in and out of the car. "Myport 7" features a style that integrates the pillars with the beams that support the roof, and won the Good Design Award in 2018.