Corporate Governance



  • Corporate Governance

    Our company recognizes that establishing both an organization where corporate governance is functioning effectively and a transparent management system that puts shareholders first is an important measure to continuously improve the corporate value. Specifically, we strive to establish a system to ensure its effectiveness, focusing on securing shareholder rights and equality, appropriate collaboration with stakeholders other than shareholders, appropriate information disclosure and transparency, proper execution of the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, and constructive dialogue with shareholders.

    Corporate Governance
  • Compliance

    In the process of sharing and implementing management strategies by officers and employees, our company recognizes that preparing and properly operating the internal control system is the basis of establishing a compliance system to ensure that the execution of duties complies with the laws and articles of incorporation, striving to enhance and improve the system.
    More specifically, according to the "Basic Policy for Establishment of Internal Control System" resolved by the Board of Directors, various compliance-related regulations, such as "Charter of Corporate Behavior," "Code of Business Conduct," "Compliance Management Regulations," and "Whistle-blowing Protection Regulations" covering the entire group of the Company, have been prepared. We repeatedly educate employees about the importance of compliance with the Charter of Corporate Behavior, etc. to make them thoroughly known. All officers and employees have also been given a Charter of Corporate Behavior card and Compliance Handbook and they submitted a written commitment to read regularly and comply with its content. We have also organized a "Compliance and Risk Management Committee," chaired by an officer in charge of Group Compliance, for effective management of compliance activities, striving to establish a system for proper checks. Furthermore, we have set up an internal and external compliance hotline as consultation/reporting services for employees of our company group, as well as our business partners, regarding the overall corporate ethics, including our group’s compliance, to detect and correct organizational and personal violations of laws, unjust acts, and improper acts at an early stage. As for internal control related to financial reporting, we have established the "Internal Control Committee" with the President as the chairperson, making efforts to continuously maintain and control the internal control function based on the "Basic Policy on Internal Control for Financial Reporting."

  • Risk Management

    For risk management, the “Basic Risk Management Regulations”, which are the highest standard for risk management, have been established, and each General Manager conducts the management within the scope of their control in accordance with the “Risk Management Manual”. In addition, we have set up a system for appropriate risk management where the aforementioned “Compliance and Risk Management Committee” oversees company-wide risk management with president defined as the highest responsible person for risk management.

  • BCP

    We proactively conduct regular education and training programs on disaster prevention and security, as well as comprehensive disaster drills, to be prepared for unexpected accidents.
    In addition, we developed BCP*1 to secure the safety of employees and ensure early resumption of business activities in preparation for the “Major Nankai Trough Earthquake” that is expected to occur in the near future.

    *1 BCP (Business Continuity Plan) : A summary of countermeasures for business continuity in case of disasters and accidents