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IR Information


This glossary was created to help you understand the basic content about terms provided in our presentation materials, etc.


Accordion gate
Extending and folding in the same way as the train pantograph.
Usually located at the entrance of a carport, etc.
Anchor effect
A process to strengthen adhesion between conductor patterns and the resin on the printed wiring board. The anchor effect occurs when projections on the roughened metal foil surface are embedded into the resin like anchors, which mechanically enhance bond strength between the two different materials.


Ballast water
Seawater held in an unloaded vessel as a weight to keep balance. The impact on the ecosystem has been pointed out because ballast water is pumped into ballast tanks when a vessel has delivered cargo to a landing port is usually released at a different loading port.
A phenomenon known as deposition of a rubber compounding ingredient such as insoluble sulfur on the rubber surface. It may cause a trouble such as bad rubber bonding.


Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP)
Fiber-reinforced plastic containing carbon fiber as reinforcing material. Epoxy resin is mainly used for base material.
Car port
A simple post and beam roof parking space build separately from the building. According to exterior terminology, it indicates a roof or beams/posts used for the parking space.


A wide space that is one step higher than the ground to enable someone to directly enter the garden from the living or dining room and vice versa. For our exterior services, it indicates roof or beams/posts placed on the space.


Epoxy resin
Any of a group of thermosetting resins produced by curing a resin-based compound having reactive epoxy group at the molecular end for polymerization. It is used for adhesives, printed wiring boards, paints, etc.


A kind of heterocyclic compounds containing two nitrogen atoms in a five-membered ring. It is widely used as raw materials for industrial chemicals such as resin curing agent, raw materials for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, and rust inhibitors.


Low metal control
Technology to control metal impurities at the ppt level, required for semiconductor process materials. (ppt indicates one trillionth)


Organic solderability preservative. Also called water-soluble pre-flux. It is a technique for chemically coating the copper circuit of the printed circuit board to prevent rust.


Package board
The board mediates electrical connection between multiple IC chips and mother board to serve as a microfabricated circuit.


Resin modifier
A chemical that improves resin performance such as heat resistance and flame resistance to expand applications of resin products.
Rubber chip paving material
Water-permeable paving material using rubber tips with superior cushioning.


Semiconductor processing material
A range of materials used for nano-level processing in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
Server board
High frequency multi-layered printed wiring board for supercomputers and other servers in the data centers, base stations, etc.
Solder resist
Material for covering the printed wiring board surface to protect a circuit pattern on the board, serving as an insulating film.


Transmission loss
Degree of attenuation of electrical or optical signals flowing through the communication line.


Operation involves the addition of a vulcanizing agent (e.g., sulfur, insoluble sulfur), vulcanization promoter, etc. to crude natural rubber, heating, and cross-linking molecules to build a network structure, to convert the crude rubber to an elastomer.