Research & Development

History of Product Development

Research & Development

History of Product Development


Housing Materials


Invented a carbon disulfide manufacturing technology

Invented a carbon disulfide manufacturing technology

After discovering fundamental defects in conventional manufacturing processes, we invented a revolutionary carbon disulfide manufacturing technology. We established the manufacturing technology “SK type electric furnace process,” which solved many problems.


Established the “anhydrous sodium sulfate manufacturing process"

Established the “anhydrous sodium sulfate manufacturing process”

We were the first in Japan to develop the “anhydrous sodium sulfate manufacturing process,” based on the “vacuum evaporation process.” Though the goal was deemed next to impossible, we nevertheless succeeded in the continuous production of anhydrous sodium sulfate.


Invented the “hydrophilous continuous process” for CMC


We were the first in Japan to invent the “hydrophilous continuous process,” which is an effective means of producing CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose). CMC was later developed into interior materials that established the foundation of our Housing materials operations.

Produced chlorinated isocyanurates for the first time in Japan

Produced chlorinated isocyanurates for the first time in Japan

We produced isocyanuric acid with our original manufacturing process, “tin bath method”. Using isocyanuric acid as a raw material, we were the first in Japan to produce chlorinate isocyanuric acid.

Conducted applied research into isocyanuric acid


We developed “THEIC” through research into derivatives applying the various characteristics of isocyanuric acid.

Conducted research into imidazole compounds

Conducted research into imidazole compounds

We started research into an imidazole compound manufacturing process, and were the first in Japan to succeed in commercializing imidazole compounds. Later, it became the foundation of Fine chemicals operations.

Developed OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative) “Glicoat"

We discovered that imidazole has a distinguished effect of preventing oxidation in copper and copper alloys, and applied for a patent. Using this imidazole compound, we developed OSP called “Glicoat” for protection of the surfaces of PWBs.


Developed the interior finishes “JULUX”

We made inroads into the interior finishes market as part of the expansion of applications of CMC. We also invented our original “granulation technology” and developed an authentic industrial product for Juraku walls called “JULUX.”


Expanded fine chemicals operations

We promoted applied research into products that matched customer’s needs, including insulating materials, sealing agents, and adhesives using imidazole, as well as diverse epoxy resin compounds.

—The first product in Japan—to introduce an expansion mechanism to garage front gate doors
Developed “accordion gate”

Developed accordion gate

Started the operation of the insoluble sulfur “Mu-Cron”


We established a system for producing the insoluble sulfur “Mu-Cron,” which is a rubber vulcanizing agent for steel radial tires, by utilizing the knowledge concerning carbon disulfide.

Developed the Microbiological / Enzymatic agent “HIPOLKA”


We developed a Microbiological / Enzymatic agent called “HIPOLKA,” which is characterized by a high wastewater-treatment capability, through joint research with a US company.

Developed the new material aluminum borate whisker

Developed the new material aluminum borate whisker

We were the first in the world to succeed in the synthesis of aluminum borate whisker. It drew attention as a new, high-function, high-quality material and was used as a reinforcing agent for a wide variety of materials such as resins, metals, and ceramics.

First to acquire the "G-Mark” in Exterior Products industry

Rubicon Type 11.

We were the first in the exterior products industry to acquire the “G-Mark” (current “Good Design Award”) for our accordion gate, called “Rubicon Type 11.”

as a decorative exterior product following the large-sized accordion-type gate
Developed a shelter for passages (called “Archway”)


Developed the heat-resistant type, OSP called “Glicoat-SMD”


We developed the heat-resistant Type OSP “Glicoat-SMD,” which combines the heat resistance required of double-sided PWBs to bear with several applications of soldering, by putting our imidazole synthesis technology to full use.

Constructed the Research Center (current R&D Center).

R&D Center

We constructed the Research Center in Utazu-cho, Kagawa Prefecture, as the stronghold of our R&D activities.

Developed the diatomaceous earth wall finishes called “Keiso-Kabe”

Keiso Modern Coat

We developed the diatomaceous earth wall material “Keiso-Kabe,” which has a humidity-control function and a formaldehyde-adsorption and formaldehyde-decomposition function, which together provide rooms with a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

Developed the garbage collection container called “Garbage Stocker” for the first time in Japan

Garbage Stocker

We developed the “Garbage Stocker”, which contributes to a beautiful living environment.


Developed functional materials

Transorent and heat-resistance modifier of resin Glycoluril Derivatives / Flame retardancy and high heat-resistance thermosetting resin Benzoxazine

We developed advanced & specialty Chemicals capable of providing resins with a higher function by making the most of our organic synthesis technology, which we accumulated from the synthesis of imidazole and isocyanuric acid.

Developed the Chemical Adhesion Process “GliCAP”


We developed a Chemical Adhesion Process called “GliCAP”, which selectively forms organic films on the copper surfaces of PWBs to improve adhesion between copper and resin effectively.

Developed the interior finishes called “Keiso Reform”

Keiso Reform

We developed the “Keiso Reform”, which is applicable directly over wallpaper.

Developed a greening system called “Green Shade,”

Green Shade

We developed “Green Shade”, which is capable of storing rainwater for natural irrigation.

Developed the carport called “My Port,”

My Port,

We developed “My Port”, which has a unique design and high functionality.

Developed the aluminum system fence “Art Wall”

Art Wall

We developed an aluminum system fence called “Art Wall,” which combines safety and workability with innovative design.