Human Rights and Human Resource Management


Human Rights and Human Resource Management

  • Respect for Human Rights and Labor Management

    1. ①Respect for Human Rights

      We respect the individuality and the rights of all people.
      We do not discriminate on the basis of birth, nationality, ethnicity, belief, religion, gender, age, disability, educational background, etc.

    2. ②Non-Complicity in Human Rights Violations

      We request that all employees refrain from infringing on human rights or discriminating against others, and that they not become involved in human rights violations, even indirectly.

    3. ③Employment and Labor Policies

      <Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor>
      We prohibit the employment of children who have not reached the working age stipulated by national and local laws and regulations. In addition, we will not tolerate forced labor, slave labor, or labor from human trafficking. We require our business partners to do the same. We will not impose unreasonable restrictions on employees leaving their jobs or terminating employment at any time.
      <Good Labor-Management Relations>
      We guarantee the freedom of employees to form a union and approve the right to collective bargaining.
      <Correct and Fair Compensation>
      We pay our employees fair and correct compensation in accordance with all applicable wage laws, including minimum wage, overtime, and legally mandated benefits laws.
      <Elimination of Discrimination>
      We ensure equal opportunity in recruitment, assignment, promotion, and competence development.

    4. ④Remedial Action

      If our business activities have resulted in a human rights violation, we will take appropriate measures to remedy and correct it.
      In 1966, we concluded a labor agreement with our labor union. We are committed to respecting each other’s positions and cooperating with each other in the spirit of mutual trust to ensure sound development of the company and improvement of the welfare of union members. We have promised to comply with the safe and peaceful labor-management relationship that we have established.

      Our company aims to “create a bright workplace where the human rights of each employee are respected, and individual abilities and individuality can be fully demonstrated”, and is engaged in human rights awareness for employees. To avoid forced labor, we provide harassment prevention education to managers. In addition, we adopt procedures to confirm that workers are at or older than the minimum age based on identification documents at the time of employment to avoid employment of child labor.

    5. ⑤Management of Working Hours

      In order to optimize the working hours and working hours management, we strengthened the function of the attendance management system in March 2019. We have used the cloud system and established a mechanism to effectively understand and manage the working hours, and allow employees and their superiors to check the working conditions at all times. To reduce overtime work, for example, we are working to optimize the working hours and improve the management of working hours with the introduction of a system that generates an alert when the monthly overtime work hours or the total working hours reach a certain number.

  • Human Resource Development

    Ideal candidate profile Human resources with a strong sense of mission and ability of taking on challenges by themselves

    We are focusing on securing and developing excellent human resources, aiming at “Toward ‘one-step-ahead, proposal’ company with creativity”, as stated in the long-term vision “Challenge 1000”.
    In particular, with regard to training employees who engage in business activities, we are working on the development and use of human resources that take advantage of each employee’s strengths and abilities from a mid- and long-term perspective. The company provides employees with the tools and support they need to engage in the independent and ongoing development of their abilities.
    As a means of providing on-the-job training in daily operations, we have implemented a system of work targets.
    Every six months, employees meet with their superiors to complete a full management cycle of Plan, Do, Check, and Action, which means goal setting, implementation to achieve goals, confirmation of performance, and making use of their results next. Superiors hold periodic meetings with employees to set goals, check interim progress, and assess outcomes, through discussion and guidance, to steadily raise the business execution capabilities of each employee, with the aim of further boosting their department’s performance.
    Employees also have opportunities to attend various seminars, workshops, and social university courses held outside the company as necessary.
    As for off-the-job training, we conduct group training for new recruits, regular employees, and managers, apart from daily operations. In addition, for career enhancement through self-development, we encourage the acquisition of qualifications and attending correspondence education courses; we deliver rewards to an employee successfully acquires a new qualification and pay for all expenses if an employee successfully completes an education course with excellent grades.

    Educational Support for Upskilling and Self-development
  • Occupational Safety and Health

    In our company, the corporate safety and health meeting, chaired by the President determines the basic policy on safety and health management and other important matters concerning the promotion of safety management. Based on the decisions made at this meeting, each site devises the “Safety and Health Activity Plan” every year to prevent accidents. Under the “Safety and Health Activity Plan” prepared at each site, we hold joint labor-management safety and health committees on a regular basis to promote improvements in the workplace environment. Furthermore, the Marugame and Tokushima Plants have established and actively operated the occupational safety and health management systems in accordance with ISO45001.

    Commendation for safety

    Commendation for safety

    ①Holding the Convention for Safety and Health in Production & Technology Division

    The Convention for Product/Technology Safety and Health is organized at the Marugame and Tokushima Plants, and aims to make both plants reliable for local communities by building culture fostered on the concept which shows that “Safety overrides everything else”. Top management share their plans to ensure safety, employees communicate with each other through presentations on risk prediction activities, and excellent safety and health activities are recognized.

    Education involving simulations

    Education involving simulations

    ②Education on Safety (Education Involving Simulations and Risk Prediction Training)

    Our safety activities focus on risk assessment, detection of near-miss incidents and concerns, and risk prediction to prevent the occurrence of serious industrial accidents. In addition, our education and training aim to prevent accidents by improving individual risk sensitivity, for example through safety education involving simulations in which participants can virtually experience an accident caught in a machine and a potential risk in a plant such as combustion and explosion, as well as risk prediction training to extract potential risks in operations.

    Mental health workshop

    Mental health workshop

    ③Education on Health

    In activities for occupational health, we work for employees’ health management through the implementation of mental health workshops, periodical health checkups, counseling, and stress checks for all employees because mental and physical fatigue or poor physical condition may cause occupational accidents.
    We also provide education on harassment to improve our work environments, where fundamental human rights are respected.

    ④Relationship with Labor Union

    Labor and management work in collaboration in a relationship of mutual trust. We focus on specific collaborative themes such as revision of the personnel system, reduction of overwork, promotion of yearly paid vacations, and review of the personnel evaluation system. We hold monthly meetings of the labor-management expert committee to discuss workplace issues and improve the workplace environment.