Environmentally and People-Friendly Product Lineup


Environmentally and People-Friendly Product Lineup

SHIKOKU KASEI Group continues to make efforts for environmental protection and manufactures products contributing the global environment and living environment, health and safety in the aspect of product development.



    Chlorinated isocyanurates mass produced by our company for the first time in Japan in 1964. With its excellent characteristics, the pool sanitizer NEO-CHLOR series contributes to a comfortable and safe swimming environment in school and leisure pools, along with an automatic chlorine feeder NAPIX.



    In bathing facilities such as hot spring and public bathhouses, it is important to always keep the water in the baths clean. In the hot water which looks clean at a glance, bacteria such as Legionella remain if it is cyclically used after only filth are removed.
    SPACLEAN, a chlorinated isocyanurates-based chlorine agent dedicated for bathwater, always keeps bathwater hygienic because of the strong active chlorine. This allows people to bathe without worry when used in combination with an automatic chlorine management system. We also provide SPACLEAN BROM 60T for hot spring containing alkali and the Legio Hunter mini tablets for medium-scale and small-scale baths such as social welfare facilities.



    Ballast water, which is water loaded into a ship to maintain its balance, is injected at the port where cargo is unloaded and ejected at the port where cargo is loaded. To prevent damage to the environment caused by the discharge of organisms contained in ballast water, an international treaty came into effect in September 2017 to require ships to properly manage ballast water. “ NEO-CHLOR MARINE” contributes to the protection of ecosystems as a disinfecting chemical agent for ballast water.

  • Glicoat-SMD (Organic Solderability Preservative for printed circuit boards)

    Glicoat-SMD (Organic Solderability Preservative for printed circuit boards)

    High-density surface mounting of parts using lead-free solder is the dominant technique for the printed circuit boards used in the electronic appliances such as PCs and smartphones from the viewpoint of protecting the global environment. Glicoat-SMD is a heat-resistant water-soluble preflux which is able to provide good solderability demanded by customers even for lead-free solder which cannot be easily soldered.
    Glicoat-SMD is water-soluble, and hence, also helps make the work environment friendly to people and the earth.

  • Ohdelight (Agents for reduction of excess sludge)

    Ohdelight (Agents for reduction of excess sludge)

    Ohdelight is the system that reduces excess sludge generated in the wastewater treatment using the activated sludge method. This is the simple system consisting of a dissolver and a dedicated chemical agent, needs no expensive initial investment, and can be additionally installed in the wastewater treatment facilities such as rural community sewerages and food plants. The system was selected as the technology for the "Environmental Technology Verification Project" in 2011 which is the environment technology verification system established by the Ministry of the Environment. Ohdelight passed the objective verification test conducted by the third-party organization and the performance was approved.

  • Green Shade

    Green Shade

    As one measure against the heat-island phenomenon, green roof has been increasingly introduced in buildings. Our mid-air greening system "Green Shade" is a planter containing rainwater storage tank, covered with a two-tier mesh panel, along which a creeper grows to make a shadow of green. Our greening system solves problems seen in the existing products for green roof because it needs no large-scale renovation work and can reduce labor of watering by using rainwater and then it can be made use of green wall, too. This product also helps reduce carbon dioxide.

  • Keiso-kabe series

    Keiso-kabe series

    The products are wall finishing materials containing diatomaceous earth as a major ingredient and have excellent humidity control feature, heat insulating effect, and sound absorbability. They are people-friendly interior finishing materials which adsorb hazardous formaldehyde and decompose it into harmless substances. The products which can be painted directly to plasterboards needs no intercoating process when blended with carbon fibers, contributing to resource saving.
    We also have renovation materials which can be applied on vinyl cloth wallpaper without stripping the wallpaper are also available.
    SATORI (our wall material brand in the U.S.) acquired the Indoor Advantage TM Gold*.

    * What is the Indoor Advantage TM Gold
    The Indoor Advantage™ Gold is the U.S. standard to certify product safety and the certification is given based on the third-party certification agency. For the buildings using the certified products, the points required for the "LEED certification" indicating are given as the indoor air quality of the buildings is good. The buildings are authorized as green buildings based on the total number of points.
    -What is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ?-
    LEED is one of the programs established and promoted by the "U.S. Green Building Council" organized and operated by the private companies mainly from the construction industry in the U.S. It is the system to evaluate how a building contributes improvement of the environment from various perspectives such as design concept and materials used.

  • Link Stone G (EcoMark-certified product: Certification No.08 131 008)

    Link Stone G (EcoMark-certified product: Certification No.08 131 008)

    "Link Stone G"series are environmentally-friendly recycling paving materials made from waste glass materials such as used bottles. With high weather-resistance and excellent water permeability, the products avoid puddles being left over and are safe. This series are the EcoMark-certified products with appropriate asperities allowing people to walk comfortably on them.

    • EcoMark-certified
  • Art Wall

    Art Wall

    “Art Wall” is an exterior fence that combines an aluminum frame and decorative materials. With a main light-weight body structure, it delivers the feature of having approximately 1/20* weight compared to a light-weight concrete block fence, while also presenting a sufficiently aesthetic appearance. The fence is designed to minimize the damage of accidents involving injuries in case of collapse. It is a product with excellent safety, designated as a “recommended superior part for school facilities” by the Research Institute of Educational Facilities and registered in the New Technology Information System (NETIS) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

    * The weight of Art Wall with seed paint finish is 12kg/m2. Compared to this, the weight of a concrete block fence is 250kg/m2 (15cm block), which is approximately 20 times larger.

    • recommended superior part for school facilities